Towed Inflatable Rides

According to you do “holidays” rhyme with “thrills” ? Then you are in the right place !

The Water Glisse Passion Arena Beach Water Park invites you to experience real moments of fun on its towed rafts !

Sofas, Air Stream, Bananas … so many different activities to create unforgettable holiday memories !

And for the kids? Starting at 5 years old, they too can shred water on our towed rafts, thanks to our pilots who adapt the speed of the boat especially for them !

Air Stream 

without a doubt, this raft is all about extreme sensations ! Lying on your stomach, you will speed from one side of the boat to the other ! Adrenaline guaranteed !

4 people maximum per raft.


Not at Water Glisse Passion ! Buoy suitable for children and adults, the sofa will make you laugh as you bounce all over Arena Lake ! Activity to try as a family !

4 people maximum per raft.


What would a water sports park be without the famous banana! Will you be able to keep your balance? We’ll see…

6 people maximum per raft

You prefer the sea to the lake ?
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