NEW Cross fit lessons in an open-air swimming pool

Let’s discover aqua fitness: the perfect sport on the arena lake!

Aqua fitness is a complete sportive activity which combines pleasure and well-being. Easy to reach for everyone, whatever your age or physical condition, it offers many benefits for your body and mind.
Come and discover friendly and energetic lessons! Our flexible time slots enable you to find the best moment to integrate aqua fitness in your weekly routine. Come and try, you will quickly feel the benefits of this sweet and revitalizing activity. Don’t wait any more and dive into wellness thanks to aqua fitness!

Come and try aqua training: a dynamic and efficient workout!

Discover aqua training: an intense and varied sportive activity which combines benefits of the gym training with the advantages of sport in water. Ideal to improve your stamina, enhance your muscles and burn calories, aqua training is perfect for every physical condition level.
A new way to practice sport, lively and refreshing, and boost you physical shape with aqua training!

Let’s discover aqua bike: pedal in the water for an olympic fettle!

This revolutionary sportive activity combines the benefits of cycling with the advantages of water. Ideal to tone up your body, improve your stamina and burn calories, aqua bike offers a full training without any damage on your joints.
Come and pedal in the water, aqua bike will help you to get a muscled body and an optimum health!
Professional coaches lead our lessons in order to guide you through diverse and motivating exercises, adapted to every physical condition level.

You would like that your little one learn to swim ?

Then take advantage of our lifeguard energy and experience in the field. Our swimming pools are dedicated to swimming lessons every day, whenever you want!
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